bus bar

Technical Data
SBD 1.5
Power-Fan Motor KW/HP 3.7 / 5.5
Power-Drive Motor KW/HP 0.15/0.02
Air Volume M3/Hr 3000
Suction Pressure(Total) Max 3250
Number Of Suction Tubes mm dia 4 x 125
Number Of Blowing Tubes mm dia 2 x 125 , 6/8 x 60
Filter Surface cm2 2760
Travelling Path
Straight Line Path/U-Path/S-Path/O-Path

For Regular Loom Shed

Weaving Machinery

For Looms With Spot Humidification

Weaving Textile Machinery


Optional Features

  • Optical or Mechanical obstacle reversing mechanism
  • Oscillating blowing hoses with high blowing pressure
  • Provision to reverse travel before the beam changing looms in a circular path

  • Stable Design
  • Designed for Higher Performance
  • Programmable Functions
  • Less Maintenance
  • Can Adopt to any Machinery Needs and Contour
  • Can be Fitted with Power Duct or Cable Drag Chain Systems
  • Any Tailor made Customization
  • User Friendly