Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is a cleaning device installed throughout a production center or a building. Located in a central location or outside the production area, a canister receives dust and debris sucked by the force of a powerful suction motor from wall outlets or the outlets fitted near the production machineries, which are located for the production machinery's convenience.

Technical data

Working principle

  • The vacuum pump starts when the suction hose inserted into the outlet
  • The sucked-off waste from the main machine is collected inside the waste collector. The collector has 4 filters.
  • Periodically, the compressed air is blown through an amplifier. This provides a reverse flow of air to clean the filters, maintaining an optimum suction pressure
  • The suction outlet has an electronic detector. This stops the unit automatically to save power and helps with ease of operation

Safety features

  • When the suction hose is detached from the suction outlet, a proximity sensor opens the electrical circuit. This stops the suction pump
  • The bottom of the waste collector has a sliding door with limit switch. The sliding door can be opened for removing the accumulated waste. The limit switch shutdowns the system when the sliding door is open

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